The Year 2016 will see several number of games released and of course the most epic ones are on your way soon. We have been patiently waiting for the release of the science exploration epic-“No Man’s Sky” but the developers had been stalling the release for quite a while now. Well, the wait should be over in June, 2016.

As per the Korea Portal, “2016 promises to be historic for Virtual Reality.” And why not? If reports are to be believed, the most awaited game of the year, “No Man’s Sky” would be made available on Xbox One consoles.

Xbox director Chris Charla said that “he would love to see” the game on Xbox One. We all know that “No Man’s Sky has unlimited applications to the space exploration crowd.” The game coming to Xbox Box should be all the more exciting for gaming fans.

“When we talk to developers, we try to be really transparent,” Charla told The Inner Circle.

According to Crossmap, “The upcoming ‘No Man’s Sky’ has a total of 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 or 18 quintillion worlds.”

And, yes, all the worlds are different. Though the game has been delayed until next year, creator of “No Man’s Sky” Sean Murray hinted that the game would be made available on VR Head Gears as well.

Sources also suggested that the delay is related to Sony’s upcoming VR headgear, the Project Morpheus.

“No Man’s Sky” is one of the most anticipated games and much to the amazement of the fans Amazon had earlier launched “pre-orders for the PS4 exclusive with a release date of June 30,” according to Hardcore gamer. The game is currently priced at $59.99.

Sean Murray, during the Paris Games week, had talked about the possible release date and was optimistic about the unique creation. He has commented, “The game, our ambition and some key developments have fallen into place. It’s incredibly hard work, but development is going really well.”