After the two-month delay of the release of “No Man’s Sky”, Hello Games has finally set the date for its official release. Some gamers are still not convinced.

The release of the game was initially set this June, until they gave an announcement regarding the needed delay.

Now, the official release dates have been revealed and they are as follows: August 9 for North America, August 10 for the EU, and August 12 for the UK. However, the official twitter of PlayStation UK confirmed last June 3 that the release date of the game in the UK will be 2 days earlier to deem it fair with other EU countries..

According iDigitalTimes, Hello Games founder Sean Murray said in a post on the PlayStation’s developers’ blog that they “realized that some key moments needed extra polish to bring them up to our standards. I have had to make the tough choice to delay the game for a few weeks.”

In a usual situation, a gamer’s reaction to the reveal of an official release date for a game would cause much excitement. But that is not the case for “No Man’s Sky”.

The comments that followed in the post were nowhere near positive about the release.

User Zwei79 said “Take your time and release it when it’s done, all of us will be patiently waiting for the new release date. Sad to hear but this August isn’t far away”.

The news of the delay obviously saddened a lot of gamers. Not even the reveal of the official date changed anything. Skepticism was evident. Gamers have been waiting for 6 years already and as user kingcrute88 comments “2 months, really 2 months!!! Just give me the game now I be happy to test it. I booked time off, I bought equipment to make YouTube videos. You have had 6 years. I am seriously miffed. Thank you for making my depression worse.”

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