“No Man’s Sky” has been one of the most anticipated games in the recent years. Ever since the developers discussed about generating a “digital cosmos” through the science of procedural generation, we could help but ask, “When is it releasing?”

The developers have been postponing the release date for quite a while now. Even speculations  that the game might not even release were ripe. But Sean Murray the chief architect of Hello Games has finally put all rumours to rest. And this news will surely excite many. Check out the video below.

Murray took to the official Playstation Blog to finally reveal the release date of the most awaited game of the year. Here is an excerpt from his blog.

“Hello PlayStation.Blog! I’m Sean Murray from Hello Games, part of the team making No Man’s Sky, with some exciting news for you: No Man’s Sky is launching on June 21st!”

“We’ve been a little quiet since we showed the game last year at E3, and it’s because we’ve been heads down and hard at work on development. It’s been a hectic but really exciting time for the team. Finishing a game is incredibly hard but lovely to watch as the pieces fall into place.”

“In No Man’s Sky you can trade, fight, explore, and survive in a boundless, computer-generated universe. It’s a vast, open game, and always a hard one to demonstrate quickly, but recently we let some people from the press loose in No Man’s Sky.”

Murray further exclaims that he “pulled a few all-nighters” this week just to confirm the news. But that’s not it. He holds many surprises. He goes on to say, “We have some news a lot of you have been guessing at already. No Man’s Sky will have a full blown ‘Blu-ray’ retail version! Sony has a history of working closely with indies, and this feels like some sort of culmination of that story. It means more people will have a chance to join us in exploring the universe than ever before.”

In the conclusion he thanks for the support and patience from all quarters.

Earlier, Game Zone managed to get some details on the pre-order news. Sources note that the game will be available at $82.98 (US$59.99).

Stay tuned for more updates on the release event.