Not everyone has taken the No Man’s Sky release date delay lightly. Others who have been patiently waiting for a long time were irked when developers announced that the highly anticipated title will be made available on August instead of the original June launch.

The disappointment was reportedly too much to bear that some fans even sent designer Sean Murray death threats.  Will this force him to quit his job?

Good thing, Murray has taken all the threats with humor.  He recently took his reactions to Twitter by saying, “I have received loads of death threats this week, but don’t worry, Hello Games now looks like the house from Home Alone #pillowfort

“We understand that this news is disappointing. Making this game is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but we are so close now, and we’re prepared to make the tough choices to get it right,” Murray said about the delay, Gamespot reported.

“The universe of No Man’s Sky is incredibly vast,” he added. “More than you can imagine. This is a type of game that hasn’t been attempted before, by a smaller team than anyone would expect, under an intense amount of expectation.”

According to Yibada, Murray also assured fans that the “No Man’s Sky” release date delay was necessary.  He continued to share that developers are working hard to create a title that will not be a let down to gamers.

The highly anticipated title will be available in the U.S. on August 9, Europe on August 10 and the U.K. on August 12. “No Man’s Sky” is developed by Hello Games and designed by Gareth Bourn.The survival and adventure game will be made available on PC and PS4. It was previously confirmed that the new game has a single-player and multiplayer modes.

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