The highly-anticipated “No Man’s Sky” is back to break the hearts of gamers as the game’s release date is reported to be delayed again.

A report by Kotaku revealed that two sources divulged details of the delay to the website. According to one of the sources, marketing materials for “No Man’s Sky” have been produced with June 21 as the indicated release date. However, the same source detailed that stores who have received such materials are being informed that the date set is no longer correct. Instead, outlets are being advised to cover the date with a “Coming Soon” label instead.

Kotaku further shared that there is no information regarding the game’s new release date, though it may be projected at a July or August move.

Still, despite the website’s projection of the possible months when the game’s launch will be moved, fans are not much hopeful.

A person going by the username silver6kraid left a comment on the Kotaku article expressing worry that the game may fall short of the hype around it.

Notably, this sentiment has already been shared before. A Forbes piece earlier in the year even discussed the possibility of the game failing or turning out not to be cool at all. One of the reasons pointed out was that the game has earned a good reputation in gaming circles.

Then of course, there’s the frequent delay in the game’s release date which may push fans to be frustrated, if they are not already.

In an earlier report, it has been revealed that the creative team behind “No Man’s Sky” has been working crazy hours on the game. On one occasion, Sean Murray even tweeted that he worked 20 hours in “full steam” on the game. Such dedication would have given everyone the idea that the team will make it to it’s June 2016 deadline. However, now it appears that the game is indeed that massive for them not to push through with its intended launch.

Tech Times mentions how “No Man’s Sky” has almost been cancelled back in 2013. With this new development, fans could only hope that the creative team will not consider the same thoughts again.