Are you finally ready for “No Man’s Sky?” Fans have been eagerly waiting for the release of “No Man’s Sky.” Even Playstation revealed the release date of the Sci-Fi game in June 2016 during the Paris Games Week, together with a new trailer.

The wait might finally end but not before June 2016. “No Man’s Sky” is one of the most anticipated games and much to the amazement of the fans Amazon has today launched “pre-orders for the PS4 exclusive with a release date of June 30,” according to Hardcore gamer. The game is currently priced at $59.99.

Some expected that the game may be purchased within $15 – $30 price range. Whatever the case may be, it is good news that the game is finally going through and impatient fans can already order it on Amazon.

New reports suggest that the video-game title, that spans over 18 quintillion planets, has been witnessing several technical problems, according to Ecumenical News.

Laura Kate Dale of Destructoid UK went on to an episode of Podquisition to state that sources had informed her of several technical issues. These issues importantly kept the game from being demonstrated at an event in the UK recently.

Even during the conference, the demo of the game was shown on a PC and not on Playstation which left many assuming that the game might not be suited for the console. The science-fiction game set in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy has been detailed to achieve life-like terrain using Math and the makers believe that there is more to it than just the set of algorithms designed to govern it.

Sean Murray, during the Paris Games week, had talked about the possible release date and commented “The game, our ambition and some key developments have fallen into place. It’s incredibly hard work, but development is going really well.”