One of this year’s much-awaited games releases a few days away, but gamers anticipating for Hello Games’ outing have more to look forward to. Developer Sean Murray revealed that a No Man’s Sky patch update is already complete.

News about the patch update came from Murray himself, through his Twitter account. The man, based on his social media activity with regards to the game, placed a huge amount of hard work and effort on game. Despite the numerous accounts of pushed release dates for the game, Murray was quick to assert that everything was for No Man’s Sky’s improvement.

Now with the recent news, Murray proves himself again.

His tweet revealed that the first patch update will be much more than just a fix to problems and game issues. Instead, it also offers new features and content.

No Man’s Sky patch update and other details

Murray’s tweet, with a photo of the devs behind the project, generated buzz on Twitter.

One Twitter user was quick to criticize the game’s development. First, the user questioned why there were only five people working on the so-called update. He/she then proceeds to criticize that the game is “overhyped, graphically outdated, and content lacking”.

Despite the user’s negative remarks, Murray managed to calmly reply with a ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. On the other hand, other gamers had Murray’s back. Most of the users emphasized that a massive unlimited universe should be enough content. More so, one user also judged the critic by saying that if he/she bases a good game to graphics alone, then he/she isn’t a true gamer.

Finally, the critic garnered much backlash instead by having other users instruct him to “do more research”.

No further details regarding the patch update are known at this point. Other speculate that the new content could be new planets to explore, but no way to confirm that yet. Check back for details on the progress of this story. Fans wouldn’t have to wait long as the game finally launches next week.

Stay tuned for more news on the No Man’s Sky patch update.