No Man’s Sky gathered a lot of hype because it promised massive content for gaming fans. With its release, it appears that players are experiencing the delivery of that promise. If you found yourself overwhelmed by the vastness of the game’s universe, no need to worry. We try to round up other sources’ tips to form this little No Man’s Sky guide.

Many of the guides posted online tackles on resources. Exploration brings players to planets, and these planets offer a lot of resources. Hence, it makes sense for players to get to know these gifts are. In addition, it’s good to know which resources are more important than others so players can prioritize.

In terms of minerals and elements, GameSpot offers a good guide. According to the source, more minerals are important than others so players should focus more on those with heavier worth.

No Man’s Sky guide: Resources

We relay the most important minerals and elements below, according to The Verge’s guide.

1. Carbon
2. Red elements: Plutonium and Thamium9
3. Oxides: Iron, Zinc, Titanium
4. Silicates: Heridium

Out of all the items listed, The Verge notes that Carbon is the most important element in the game. The source says that Carbon allows the recharging of a player’s life support and mining tool. From this, it appears that Carbon is the basic or main currency of No Man’s Sky.

Meanwhile, GameSpot‘s guide on resources offers detailed functions of the elements and minerals. We relay some of them below.

Elements for re-charging hazard protection

1. Titanium
2. Zinc

Elements for fuel and/or energy

1. Carbon
2. Plutonium
3. Thamium9

Elements for crafting perks/technology/items/other things

1. Chrysonite (technology, perks)
2. Heridium (spaceship, multi-tool perks)
3. Platinum (exosuit, multi-tool, spaceship perks)
4. Aluminum (perks)
5. Copper
6. Emeril
7. Gold
8. Nickel

Elements valuable for trade

1. Gold
2. Calium
3. Omegon
4. Radnox
5. Lemmium
6. Terumin
7. Herox
8. Iridium

For the full guide and descriptions of these resources, visit GameSpot here.

Did you find other interesting things in the game? Let us know about them in the comments below! Stay tuned for more updates on this No Man’s Sky guide.