Are the developers of “No Man’s Sky” shutting the program down? Is the game too big for the developers to finish? No, it is certainly not the case.

What if you have a game which you can’t complete in your entire life-time? Well, one of the most highly anticipated games of the year, “No Man’s Sky”, is being touted as limitless.

Hello Games, the developer of “No Man’s Sky” reveals some interesting insights in the game. As per the Chinatopix, Hello Games claims that the game is so “massive” that “they believe no gamer will be able to complete the main objective, which is to reach the middle of the universe.”

As per the Atlantic, programmers in London are trying to generate a “digital cosmos”. Through “science of procedural generation, they are making a program that allows a universe to create itself,” notes the source. They are accounting for every particle in universe,starting from the length of a grass to numbered rain drops.

What they are trying to is “traverse a galaxy of 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 unique planets.” That is, needless to say, quite exceptional.

Chief Architect of the game, Sean Murray says, that gamers will “not be” able to finish the game. The game is “so massive” that most gamers will quit before finishing at least one percent of the game, he feels.

Sean Murray also explains that it will be hard for the earthly physicists to find a “unified mathematical framework” to account for “No Man’s Sky”. But the programmers have indeed managed to create “the laws of nature for an entire cosmos”. They have worked out the laws in 600,000 lines.

The head creator finds it difficult to keep track of the days as 20-hour work schedule always keeps him busy.  And when you are as mad about something this complex like Sean Murray, you are bound to detach from reality.

“When I go out in nature, I don’t even see terrain anymore,” the programmer laughs. “All I see are mathematical functions and graphs. I’ll pick up a stone and begin thinking about the shape of it. What formula could have given you that?”