It appears that no one is willing to pay for the price to play “No Man’s Sky”

The game prides itself to allow players to explore an open universe described as larger than the open world which is said to be endlessly generated. As suggested by its title, the game pushes the borders of the quote “the sky is the limit.”

An early pre-order of the indie game in Amazon has surfaced and it revealed that the game will cost about 60$, a price worthy only for games that have been developed by established publishers. Many gamers who were initially excited about the vast universe game has lost interest in the game due to its overwhelming price tag.

Hello Games, developer of No Man’s Sky as well as Joe Danger series, and Sony made an announcement that “No Man’s Sky” will be made available this June during the Paris Games. In the announcement, no information regarding how much gamers would need to pay to play the aforementioned space game.

“No Man’s Sky” was sold for R949 in the Raru website which implies that the space exploration game will have a full retail price. The local online store placed an incorrect date of release which contrasts that of Hello Games’ announcement. The R9A9 price, however, only confirms that the expansive game is sold at 60$ if converted based on the current exchange rate.

This is depressing news because it appears that games are starting to cost more, even the ones being published by independent developers.

In the comment section of a post made by LazyGamer, many would-be players reacted negatively if they were asked to pay such price just to play the game. Most are hoping for a cheaper digital release and might buy it only if it’s on sale. Some believed that the price is right seeing that Sony has been vouching for it but such is still not enough to make them buy the game.