It was reported that the delay in the release of No Man’s Sky has made gamers react in bizarre ways, as they actually sent death threats to one of the game developers.

The question is whether gamers are being turned into homicidal maniacs because of this delay.

There was severe disappointment among gamers when it was officially announced that the release of No Man’s Sky would be delayed to August.

It means that gamers will have to wait another two months before they can get their hands on this procedurally generated space adventures. According to PC Gamer, that is enough to make impatient gamers a little bit upset.

However, most of the gamers are capable of accepting that delays can take place. That is because it is better to have a delayed game than one with glitches.

Nonetheless, it has become evident that several people were very angry due to the delay. They were mad enough to serve death threats.

Although it is not an appropriate way to display one’s emotions, in our times, the internet is the last place to expect that everything is sensible, nice and polite.

This sort of incidents, although scary, are things that often take place.

It was like gamers were in absolute frenzy as the news of the delay reached them. They would rather kill the creator of No Man’s Sky than have the entire game after a little wait.

According to Uproxx, death threats were also received by gaming journalists for breaking the news.

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Hideo Kojima, the creator of renowned “Metal Gear,” also received an influx of death threats earlier. It happened when he initially planned to delay the release to spend more time on the development of “Metal Gear Solid 4.”

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“Tell me when its safe to remove the marbles and oil from the stairs,” Hello Games’ Sean Murray wrote.

“It’s getting really cumbersome, and I need the toilet.”