Tech aficionados will have a fair idea of what HTC 10 will be packing in when the handset is announced this month. After putting all the HTC teasers together piece by piece, it seems to suggest that the device may be something to watch out for. But how will it stack up against other 2016 flagship devices, remains to be seen.

A recent teaser from the tech company has brought with it another important bit of information. It turns out that the handset may possess capacitive buttons and may also boast of a fingerprint sensor, as noted by Tech Radar. The teaser image shared by the company on its Twitter account shows the bottom half of the front panel. And comfortably resting there is what appears to be an oval-shaped fingerprint scanner similar to what its predecessor has. The company is also moving back to the capacitive buttons, akin to what the HTC One M7 had to offer.

What the image also reveals is that fans may have to bid adieu to the front-facing stereo speakers. This directly throws away the speculations drawn from a previous teaser, which depicted speaker grille at the top and One M9 like speakers at the front bottom panel. It now seems like the speakers may probably be found in the bottom frame of the device since the front panel features the fingerprint sensor as well as the “recent” and “back” buttons.

With the HTC 10, it appears that the company has amped up its game and is playing around with the design and is sure looking to make a statement. HTC teased, “Not all phones are created equal. The fastest and smoothest Android. You’ll feel it.”

And we won’t have to be waiting around long enough to get the complete picture since the D-day is practically right around the corner with the event scheduled for April 12. Keep coming back for more coverage on the upcoming HTC flagship.