While no concrete Nintendo NX release date exists, rumors about the upcoming device continue to pour. One of the latest rumors point to a leak that says the device could carry a new name.

An article from Daily Star reports on the matter. Namely, instead of the Nintendo NX, a new image that surfaced suggests the device could go with Nintendo Duo instead. However, although the article says that the Duo name makes sense, the leak appears fake.

The article reports that the creator of the image himself broke the hype. While the supposed ‘leaked’ image showed Nintendo Duo in what appears as a software partner briefing event, a portion of the image is blurred out. Consequently, the creator of the photo revealed what’s in the blur. Through another image, the blurred portion actually says “Under this blur is complete bull—“.

Hence, despite many believing the image, it appears that the upcoming device remains Nintendo NX.

Nintendo NX release date

However, aside from the firestorm that the Nintendo Duo image created, fans are also in anticipation of the device’s release date. As of this writing, no news regarding such date was announced. In addition, as the year draws to a close, an announcement becomes more unlikely.

Nevertheless, a report from iTech Post details a grand reveal of the NX will still make it within the year. The source cites a Reddit post quoting an official statement from Nintendo Europe. In the statement, the gaming company promises a reveal “within the year”. Since there’s less than three months left before 2016 wraps, the reveal could drop this month or November.

As for other details about the NX, Tech Radar shares some of the rumored specs of the device. Among the rumors include possibility of 4K streaming and playing at 1080p and 60fps. Still, readers should take all these with a grain of salt as there’s no official word from Nintendo yet.

Stay tuned for more news on the Nintendo NX release date and other details.