There has been a series of leaks that showcase what seems to be Nintendo’s upcoming console/handheld hybrid, dubbed as the Nintendo NX. While the images posted were somehow sketchy at first, it was close to the patent the Japanese gaming company filed December of 2015. Now, the poster of the images has come forward and admits that they were indeed fake.

The image made the rounds first on the front page of the internet, Reddit and shared via Imgur. A user who goes by the name of “Idriss2Dev” was the one responsible for posting the leak, which was at first blurry at best. It came with a note that read “You will say wow!” It closely resembled Nintendo’s patent filed in 2015, which gave some credibility to the leak.

Idriss2Dev even shared a couple of details regarding the purported Nintendo NX console / handheld hybrid, claiming that it comes with haptic buttons and shoulder buttons, which would seem like the main control scheme for it.

It didn’t stop there, however. Not satisfied with just breaking the internet for only one time, a new user who goes by the name of “perkele37” shared what seems to be high quality photos of the Nintendo NX, thus giving more credibility that it really is the real thing. At that point, many skeptics were swayed and believed that it could really be what Nintendo is planning to unleash in a couple of months.

Not long after, David Im, the creator of the original image took it to YouTube and posted a video of how he actually made the image. He designed a simple 3D model and then craftily added it into another photograph using a set of Photoshop skills.

As for the second leak, it was created by CNC Design Frank Sandqvist. Polygon reports that the image was created using Fusion 360 in Autodesk. He also took it to YouTube and posted a video to show how he made the device.

It seems that we just have to wait for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) to take place in June 2016, where Nintendo could officially launch the NX.