The Nintendo NX has been a hotbed of rumours, leaks, and speculations for quite some time now, but it looks like the Japanese company is poised to release its much anticipated device should the latest rumour turn out to be true.

NintenGen has received word from a direct source who works for Nintendo, suggesting that the company plans to release the fabled Nintendo NX this year. Furthermore, Zelda NX also comes as a launch window release, hinting that the device will either be available at launch or at least close to it. However, the fog still hasn’t set and it’s still unclear if the Nintendo NX is a handheld, a console, or a hybrid of sorts.

According to the report, Nintendo is planning to out both Zelda Wii U and Zelda NX at the same time period for the holidays this year. There are also no other launch games revealed for the console. Furthermore, the report also suggests that Zelda being made available for the Nintendo NX means it’s a strong indication that the device in question is actually a home console. However, it’s also important to note that there have been Zelda titles such as “The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass” and “The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks” that came out for handheld devices in recent years, so a possibility that the Nintendo NX is for handheld devices can still be entertained.

In other news, Screenrant reports that the Nintendo NX could also see Square Enix’s planned titles such as “Final Fantasy XV” and the remake of “Final Fantasy VII” in the platform. While that most likely won’t happen, it’s still a possibility, given that it could spark the interest of third party developers to invest on the platform, which Nintendo has been missing out on. Furthermore, Cloud joining in the Super Smash Bros. roster as a DLC could also be a sign of the remake’s forthcoming to the Nintendo NX. But as with any rumour, it’s also best to take this one with a grain of salt.