With more rumors spreading about the specs and appearance of Nintendo’s upcoming new gaming console, a recent leak is showing how the supposed console would look like. Though official news about the Nintendo NX will be hopefully released in June at the upcoming E3 2016 event, a supposed photo of the game pad of the Nintendo NX has appeared online. The information that has appeared recently is still unofficial, meaning it can be a fake photo or was customized.

Dual Pixels

Dual Pixels

Nx controller

According to  Destructoid, who discovered the leaked photo from Alexander Maier at Dual Pixels, the photo shows the NX controller have a striking resemblance to the concept image from the Nintendo patent that was filed last year. The controller features are similar to the patent technology where it has two physical thumb pads as analog sticks.  It is  an oval-shaped controller, and has a screen acting as a faceplate that will reportedly act as digital face buttons and other game functions.

As Destructoid has mentioned, the leaked photo has undergone a series of tests to determine if the said photo was just manipulated through means of photo editing softwares like Adobe Photoshop. They are confident that the photo was not altered to make it look similar to the patented device. Since the controller has many similarities with the patent controller, some speculated that this is just a temporary design as it seems to be a prototype design. Probably, there will be revisions in the design and functions in the future and maybe on its official announcement. Many hope it will be revealed on E3 2016 this coming June. In the meantime, please do take all of these information with a grain of salt as there is no confirmation from Nintendo’s side in regards to the leaked photo.

So what do you think about the leaked photo? Was it real or not?