The re-entry of Nintendo Mini NES in the market brings along with it a sense of nostalgia that has millennials excited as well.

Gamers welcomed the recent announcement about the Nintendo Mini NES. Despite its minute size, the console promises big things for gamers. Excitement is already high among millennials. However, it is likely that the more mature players would want to get hold of it as well. This is perhaps due to their familiarity with the game titles that accompany the miniature console. However, millennials need not worry as here are our top five picks for the best games to play on the Nintendo Mini NES.

1. Metroid

Created in 1987, this video game from Nintendo introduced the world of gaming to an alien landscape and to one of its most notable villains, Mother Brain.

2. Bubble Bobble

Simple yet addictive would best describe this particular game created by Taito in 1988, according to Thrillist. Beyond the colorful appeal of its interface lies numerous endings and difficulty modes restricted to players who know the secrets to unlocking them.

3. Donkey Kong

Created in 1986, Donkey Kong stands out as one of the platform games highly associated with the Nintendo Entertainment System. Like its contemporaries, the game might seem easy at the start. However, it proves challenging as you play along.

4. Pac-Man

This particular video game from Narco became an arcade hit when it came out in 1981. Mastery comes from learning the pattern, so go ahead and start chomping on dots.

5. Super Mario Bros./Super Mario Bros. 2/Super Mario Bros. 3

While the sequel to Super Mario has yet to come out in 2017, players can revisit the iconic game on the new Nintendo Mini NES. Initially, Super Mario Bros. was the OG NES title that came out in 1985. Three years later, Super Mario Bros. 2 introduced Princess Toadstool along with other enhancements to the game that made it more interesting. However, that was not enough, as the game leveled up further that same year with the introduction of Super Mario Bros. 3.