In recent years, Nintendo was reluctant in dipping its toes in mobile apps despite the platform becoming the thriving grounds for up and coming gaming developers as well as AAA publishers. Now, it appears that the company has finally made its move and gave a push into the mobile spectrum with “Miitomo,” Nintendo’s very first mobile app that was released in Japan a couple of days ago. It garnered huge success as it managed to gain a foothold with over a million downloads in a span of three days. To capitalise in its success, the company has just confirmed that it is indeed bringing the app to the United States on March 31, 2016.

Interested in knowing what Nintendo’s new mobile app holds? Read on.

1. Miitomo isn’t exactly a game. Rather, it’s a chat client and social network all rolled into one, and it features cute animated characters. You’ll be creating your own “Mii.” These are avatars in Nintendo’s platform that originated back in the golden age of the company’s Wii.

2. If customisation to a personal level is somewhat time-consuming and a little bit tedious for you, you can use your smartphone’s selfie snapper to let the app take a shot at generating a Mii based on your personal appearance.

3. Customisation isn’t restricted to the physical appearance of your Mii. You can also spruce them up with different hairstyles, clothing, and even fashion accessories. You can purchase them using in-game coins, but you can also take the easier way and use cash.

4. You can also add friends who are using Miitomo. You can even link your existing social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter to expand your circle of friends.

5. There are a lot of activities in the app. There are polls and conversations that can keep you interacting with your friends.