A Sunwing flight from Cuba to Halifax took painful 20 hours to complete its journey on Thursday. What should have been a short five-hour flight had turned into a major nightmare for passengers.

Everything was pleasant onboard Flight WG6735 that took off from Cuba on its way to the Halifax Stanfield International Airport, until high winds forced the plane to abort its landing at the airport, according to a CBC News report.

A passenger was quoted saying, “We thought we were going to land and at the last minute he pulled up and he came over and said, ‘We’ve missed the runway.'” Another passenger, Anne Giles, said that the “plane felt like it was coming in sideways.”

The flight landed in Fredericton and the travellers were asked to wait for four hours before being flown to Moncton. There were 136 passengers onboard the flight and most of them were left crying and vomitting. There was no food as well.
It took the airlines another three hours to arrange for buses at the Greater Moncton International Airport to ferry the tourists to their destination Halifax by road.

Airline authorities blamed the weather and deeply apologised for the trouble. They assured their customers of their dedication to their security and comfort. Each passenger also received a $150 voucher for future journeys. However, even this would not be enough to pacify some commuters who called it a “gong show” and swore to never travel with the company again.

There is a storm-like situation in areas of Quebec and Ontario that caused the high-velocity winds in Halifax leading to the cancellation and delay of several other flights at the airport as well, as per another report by Global News. Halifax also saw fresh rainfall and snow flurries yesterday adding to the difficult weather. This is a difficult time for the area with the USA also having seen a rough weather in the past months. Places in Fiji also have reported cyclonic winds.