“The Night Shift” Season 3 premieres on television screens tonight and has more action than ever. The episode synopsis indicates that the night crew at the San Antonio Medical Center will have to face some nail-biting moments following a rescue mission.

A new “The Night Shift” season debuts today. The series is a medical drama following the lives of the night crew at the San Antonio Medical Center in the US. The show returns with two new recruits and loads of action. Based on the summary of the first two episodes, we can safely assume that the night crew won’t get time to rest.

Christian Times states that the premiere episode is titled “The Times They are A-Changin” and will set the tone for this action-packed series with a vital rescue mission. A woman is in grave danger after a vehicular accident and the doctors will be racing against time to save her life. TC Callahan, Scott Clemmens, and Topher Zia will be doing everything possible to save the patient.

In the meantime, Brenden Fehr’s character, Drew Alister, is doing time in another country, states 2 Paragraphs. This is because cultural divide stops them from treating a young Afghani woman patient.

On top of all that, episode two also features a car crash. According to Enstarz, the part is titled “A Thing With Feathers” and will hit the TV screens on June 8 next week. The medical team will be frantically saving the life of a young boy and his mom involved in car accident. However, they will soon find out that there is more to the story than what it obviously seems.

NBC’s “The Night Shift” returns with Eoin Macken, Scott Wolf, Ken Leung, Brendan Fehr, Tanaya Beatty, Jill Flint and others. Morning Ledger states that the show returns with a mix of new and old cast members. Flint’s character, Jordan Alexander, is a new recruit and Rivera’s Beatty is a recent med school graduate.