After witnessing a thumping success in season 1, it looks like The Night Of might come with the second season. No doubt, the series has marked itself as a masterpiece on HBO canvas. Would that be the driving factor for the channel to go ahead with The Night Of season 2?

The Nigh Of just ended with its finale episode dubbed as The Call of the Wild, on Sunday, August 28. The credit for such burgeoning success goes majorly to its writer Steven Zaillian, the man who wrote the script for Schindler’s ListThe Night Of is his first TV series and he has co-written the miniseries with Richard Price. Zaillian is also the producer and director the crime drama.

The Night Of has beautifully intermixed politics, law, New York and culture making it more exciting and entertaining. The show followed a smart and convincing plot which never lost its reality-based approach. How a sweet and innocent student fell prey  to ruthless prison life at Riker’s Island, his drastic transformation from an intellectual look to a short-haired inmate, sweeping changes in human behavior and relationship; everything has been defined with meticulous details.

The Night Of flawlessly incorporated a racial element to the story. Perhaps Naz’s (Riz Ahmed) Pakistani origin is one of the most interesting parts of the show. It has encountered prejudice from police and prison officers. Naz is like a wounded bird trapped in the net of the legal system of West. For the last eight episodes, the world has been trying to figure out the truth behind Naz’s trail. Even during the last episode of The Night Of , it was not clear whether he was found guilty of killing Andrea or he was left off the hook with a mistrial.

At the end of The Night Of finale episode, we saw Naz locates him back at the beach (where he and Andrea got intimate) smoking drugs he purchased on a street corner. Is that indicating anything positive for the young fellow in a post-Rikers life? Well, the forecast is as clear as fog. However, the final shot left the fans to ponder at many cliff-hanger moments. Are they dropping hints that The Night Of season 2 is underway?

The Night Of is based on the British TV series Criminal Justice aired in 2008 and ran through two hit seasons. If The Night Of follows the same trend, then chances are pretty high for its second season. However, it won’t be easy to speculate whether it will feature more of Naz’s story. Why? It is because the original British series followed two different crime stories in two seasons.

Although previously the show was touted to be a “limited series,” the high viewing rates might bring a change in the decision. The Night Of season 2 may already be on the cards. Well, nothing has been confirmed yet. So take everything with a grain of salt until the channel comes up with an official announcement about The Night Of season 2.