The chances for The Night Of Season 2 to come true could lie in one of the alternate endings revealed by actor Riz Ahmed.

Fans tuned in to watch the finale of The Night Of last August 28. The HBO drama series captivated audiences from the start with its plot, dialogue and cast. They became absorbed in the character of Naz and his story. Thus, the anticipation for the last episode to reveal his true fate. Yet instead of a cut and dried answer, it left everyone hanging.

While he was set free, it did not reveal his innocence or guilt. Hence, the mixed feelings of viewers. As it turns out, the production had alternative endings in mind for the HBO limited series. A fact revealed by Riz Ahmed. However, he felt the choice made was a fitting end for Naz.

“There were a couple of possible endings and I won’t disclose what they were, but we went through a couple of different versions and I think the final pick was the best. It’s like this bittersweet ending. It’s the same but not quite the same for Naz. It was this bittersweet survival story,” the actor told The Wrap.

At this point, Ahmed seemed to put an end to Naz’s story with his release without an acquittal. Hence, for him, The Night Of Season 2 is not likely. However, could his character’s lawyer Chandra Kapoor played by Amara Karan know something about its possibility?

The actress revealed her interest to pursue her character should another season turn up. Although when pushed to reveal if it is happening, Karan only said she’d heard about it but could not confirm anything. Nevertheless, she seemed to have a good idea of how the story could go forward especially for her character. Karan told Variety she imagined Chandra restarting her career and opening her own law firm. At this point, we can only speculate and hope for The Night Of Season 2 to come true.