Actor Tom Hiddleston was asked to do a lot of retakes of that famous “Night Manager” sex scene. This, his co-star Elizabeth Debicki recently revealed.

According to Debicki, their director Susanne Bier wanted to get the scene just right. “She would say, routinely, ‘I think we should go again, it’s not sexy enough’,” the actress told Channel 24.

The show’s British star himself admitted their director made them redo the scene multiple times. “The scene was an initiation of intimacy, and that is how Susanne wanted it played. It was interesting working with her,” Hiddleston said. “She’s Danish, and the difference between her and an English director is that she’s incredibly direct about what she wants.”

Debicki agreed. “An English director would probably say the same thing. But they would preface it with lots of lovely adjectives, ‘Lovely, love what you’re doing, fantastic. Now, maybe next time…’ and sort of coax you into it. But if Susanne didn’t believe it, she just told you flat out, ‘I don’t believe it.’ Which I actually found quite refreshing,” the actress said.

Meanwhile, the show’s executive producer Stephen Garrett denied rumours that the hit AMC series will get a spin-off soon. “I think just because the first one set such a high standard, what nobody would want to do, is cobble one together…a cynical attempt to exploit the success of the first one,” Garrett told Variety. “There would only be another one if everyone involved was confident that it would either be as good or better.”

Hiddleston also said he doesn’t expect his character, Jonathan Pine, to be back soon. “As it stands, Pine exists for six hours in a mini-series. The story feels complete,” the former “Avengers” star explained.

You can catch the finale episode of “The Night Manager” this Tuesday on AMC.