The Night Of is possibly one of the most intriguing crime series right now. Each of its episodes adds more twist to the whole plot. Whether the studious-looking Naz is innocent or not, we haven’t yet known it clearly. Episode 7 of the series titled as Ordinary Death had portrayed the human emotions very aptly. Since it was the penultimate episode of The Night Of , are there clues for the finale?

The theories and the facts never get along well because they are poles apart. Pakistani-American college student Naz doesn’t seem to be what he appeared to be on the pilot episode of the HBO show. The change in his behavioral pattern, looks were shocking and put him under suspicion. While The Night Of episode 7  the focus was on the Naz’s case, there were some highlights on human emotions. Well, it might come to many as a bit of surprise , but there is nothing fictional about it.

To keep things closer to reality these days the show-runners are not afraid to include even the most unusual human behavior, which tends to change as per the situation. In fact, such portrayal of characters kind of dropped some hints on the final sequence of The Night Of.

What we saw on The Night Of episode 7.

Naz’s Mother changing her ways

Even though they have their origins from Pakistan, Naz’s mother Safar didn’t cling to any false feelings for her son. The moment she saw Andrea’s dead body’s photographs, she kind of abandoned Naz. It might have been a tough decision for her but she didn’t give things a second thought. When Chandra reaches out for her, she immediately pulls away. “An animal did that. Did I raise an animal?” she quivers. She even refuses to answer her son’ call which was a clear indication she has completely lost her faith in Naz.

Naz’s Father’s blind faith

While Safar refuses to communicate with Naz, her husband/Naz’s father, Salim still believes that their son is just a victim of the circumstance. He ends up selling off his possessions to cover the legal fees. Even the Muslim community has turned on the Khan family. When Salim and Naz’s brother see their mosque has been smashed up, a passing woman in a burkha orders them to look at what they’ve done. However, unfortunately, the paternal instinct of Salim is not ready to accept his son’s guilt as he does everything for to prove his innocence.

Chandra’s Fall

To date, we have seen Chandra has been playing a motherly figure to Naz. Chandra Kapoor is Alison’s employee. Alison represents Naz’s case in the court. She is the woman who works determinedly to get Naz out of the jail. In Episode 7 of The Night Of all the ethics of motherly or professional boundaries fly out the window when Chandra and Naz make out in his cell. What leads to such a chaos? It was just a moment where loneliness, desperation, and helplessness meet each other. Though everything is situational, will it bring more ill fate for Naz in the season finale?  Was it a stupidity or a sincere effort to sooth someone down in a horrifying situation.

Is Naz Innocent?

It is highly doubtful. The way he killed Victor, a member of Freddy’s crew represents the ruthless animal side of him. But the circumstances that made him kill Victor have some convincing explanation. Victor  used to rape Peter which drive the victim  to commit suicide. He may not have killed Andrea, but he has now, though indirectly.

Sources like Vulture has beautifully defined:  The Night Of  episode 7 is the most satisfying chapter of the crime drama so far but it’s tough to say, whether the judgment will be made in favour of Naz or will he be proven guilty.

Stay tuned to The Night Of to watch the season finale. The series airs on August 28 at 10/9PM on HBO.