Canberra tennis star Nick Kyrgios has withdrawn his name from the Rio Olympics 2016 after suffering from the apparent “unjust” treatment due to a month-old controversy.

He made the announcement via his website and rocked the Australian Olympic Committee as well as Chef de Mission Kitty Chiller on Friday. In his official statement, he decided that he will not compete in the Olympic Games to be held this year. The Guardian stated that his statement indicated that it was the player’s battle with the AOC and his treatment because of the issue that made him take such a move.

“AOC’s unfair and unjust treatment of me over the last four weeks, as well as the organization’s crystal clear position on whether they want me to be a part of the Australian Olympic team, has solidified my final decision,” Nick Kyrgios said in the statement. “While I have received assurances from Tennis Australia that I will be nominated for the Olympic team, the AOC has chosen to publicly and privately disparage me.”

His disappointment can be strongly felt in his words. “Representing Australia at the Olympic Games has been a dream of mine since I was a kid. Playing in the Olympics was a goal this year; I planned my tournament schedule around Rio and made sure to fulfill my Olympic eligibility. Unfortunately, while I have expressed every intention of trying to win a medal for my country in Rio, it’s very clear to me that the Australian Olympic Committee has other plans.”

The AOC and Chiller responded to the announcement shortly. According to their statement, “every athlete in contention is treated equally and fairly.” “We’ve had nothing official [from Kyrgios] apart from some ill-advised comments about me and what it means to be an Olympian. I think some of Nick’s comments in social media in the past week shows he doesn’t really understand what it means to be an Australian Olympian,” Chiller said in May as quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald.

Tennis Australia has supported Kyrgios publicly.