An Australian couple recalled the Nice terror attack, saying they felt the terror right from their balcony and told their kids that the gunshots were mere fireworks.

Danae and Sasha Goldsmith said they were watching the fireworks on Bastille Day from their balcony when the blast suddenly occurred. The couple works in the wine industry and stayed with their two daughters, aged five and seven, at a rented Airbnb apartment located in the southern French city. The couple witnessed the truck driving into the crowd at the Promenade des Anglais at around a speed of 60 km/hour on July 14. The attack claimed the lives of almost 80 people, including several children.

The mother of the two described how both of them managed to keep their kids out of the terror. “We got them down… and told them it was fireworks. We said sometimes people put fireworks up in the crowd,” Mrs. Goldsmith said as quoted by the 4KQ. “So we just put them to bed, they haven’t seen any of this, which is good.”

She also described the Nice terror attack and said that there were fireworks going on all around. Around thousands of people gathered on the street. Mrs. Goldsmith said that they did not go down as their kids were too small. She added that at around 11 pm, the fireworks finished and they started packing for their next take off. She said that suddenly, the music stopped and a truck entered the crowd, though no cars were allowed there during the celebrations.

The Australian couple shared the photo of the incident on Facebook. “Terrorists outside our balcony… gunshots, people killed,” she wrote while she shared the picture. “Barrackaded (sic) in apartment, truck is outside… all ok… told the girls it was more fireworks… scared to go anywhere… got to get the girls away.”

The mother stated that the firing continued outside between the attacker and a policeman until the former died. She, on the other hand, took her daughters to bed to keep them away from the bloodshed that immediately occurred after the incident.

Meanwhile, the Australian Foreign Minister confirmed that three Australians were reported to be injured in the Nice terror attack.

To know about the safety of friends and family members, call DFAT – 1300-555-135 or +61-2-6261-3305 (for outside Australia inquiry).