NFL may soon be following NBA’s suit to allow ads on player’s uniforms. This is after NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers have finally monetized a small space on their team’s jersey for an ad.

Philadelphia 76ers is said to be cashing in $15 million (AU$20.6million) for a three-year contract with Stubhub, Fox Sports reports. The ad placement is a small 2.5 inch by 2.5 inch on the upper left part of the jersey.

“We are about being first, being different, being innovative and getting to market at quickly as we can. We’re thrilled that the NBA has decided to be an innovator among the major sports leagues in this country, we’re happy that we will be the beneficiaries, and we know that being first here will drive value for our partner.” 76ers CEO Scott O’Neill said, according to ESPN.

From soccer teams displaying airline brands to NASCAR plastering huge sponsor banners on their racing cars, the world of sports is definitely not immune to the marketing powers. Even NFL Europe have started cashing in on their teams’ jersey through advertising.

Yahoo Sports notes that practice uniforms for some teams have already given some space to advertisers.

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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver talked to Yahoo Sports saying that the advertisements could well mean at least another $100 million (AU$137 milllion) for the sports teams. Sports Illustrated

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Advertising on a team’s jersey has been a long standing issue. In 2012, both NFL and MLB have already said no to the idea. Even NBA commissioner Adam Silver has since talked about how the NBA Board of Governors mused about approving it for the 2013 season, Time reports. Back then, it sparked a #NoUniAd hashtag among the basketball fans.

Four years later, Philadelphia 76ers have made history as the first NBA team to agree to an ad placement. The Stubhub-marked jersey will make its debut in the 2017-2018 NBA season. Meanwhile, everyone is waiting to see who’s next in the sports league to succumb to the attractive advertising offers.