The New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady returns from his four-game NFL suspension. He comes back after serving time for the Deflategate scandal which has haunted him all year. He enters the season on week 5 with little practice time under his belt.

However, in a report by Fox Sports, despite the suspension, Brady led his team to victory while throwing 406 yards and three touchdowns in a convincing 33-13 over the Cleveland Browns who now have a 0-5 record.

In an interview, Rob Gronkowski speaks about  how Brady would always surprise people. He also gives a warning to NFL fans and the NFL itself. “Tom always brings the ampness to the table,” he said

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Brady seems to always be the star of the game where he has won four Super Bowls. He has showed off his exceptional skills for almost 17 seasons. Upon his return to the field, Brady was cheered by thousands of Patriot fans.

“I try to go out and do my best. I know my teammates expect that out of me and I expect that out of them,” Brady shared after winning the game.

According to USA Today, Brady didn’t appear to need an adjustment period in his first taste of action upon returning to the season. He led the Patriots to touchdowns on their first three drives.

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The return of Brady helped Gronkowski, who  has been playing on limited power because of a hamstring injury.

Brady’s performance made a statement against the Browns. Reports say that he had a hard time accepting the suspension after he had legal battles with the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell, which lasted for more than a year.

After winning his comeback match, Brady aims to put the whole deflategate scandal behind him.. In all, the Patriots finished with a season-high 501 yards.

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