The free agency fever has struck the NFL, spurring countless NFL rumors, news and strategies. From the Buffalo Bills to the Pittsburgh Steelers and even NFL itself, rumors and news mingle in one pot.

Players on Inactive Status

The upcoming season will have players inactive or serving in a different position. First off, former Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Stedman Bailey is going back to West Virginia University. After his near-fatal head injury last November, Bailey has not received clearance to go back to the NFL field. Thus, he will be concentrating on his studies. He will be finishing his degree while serving as an assistant coach for West Virginia Mountaineers. Before the injury, Bailey was already suspended due to substance abuse.

Moving across the map, Philadelphia Eagles rookie quarterback Carson Wentz will be missing the first week of the NFL regular season. Head coach Doug Pederson clarified to the Philly Voice that they’re taking it slow. He has also said that as far as he is concerned, Wentz won’t see any action during the first week at least.

Meanwhile, Nate Ebner of the New England Patriots will be on international duty come August as he plays for the U.S. Rugby team in the Rio Olympics.

Running-Backs Race

NFL rumors indicate that free agent Reggie Bush has caught the Buffalo Bills’ attention and is interested in signing him up. Fellow running-back Arian Foster is testing the fields of Miami Dolphins and Detroit Lions.

Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh Steelers are pitting their two running-backs against each other. Between Le’Veon Bell and DeAngelo Williams, the results of the test will likely emerge once NFL regular season begins.

NFL Rumors: Data Chips are in Play

NFL rumors are circulating that NFL will be launching a new feature in the K-ball this preseason. The football will have a data chip inserted, which will gather information on kicks, impacts and historical data. NFL has clarified that the new football will not show any difference from the regular football. Thus, players won’t know the difference between a data chip ball and an ordinary one. If anything, this will help NFL improve the game and adjust the game’s difficulty to provide more thrill for players and spectators alike.