NFL players get paid loads of money, so when one of them gets accused of being stingy while tipping servers, it makes the news. DeAngelo Williams has fought back after he was publicly shamed on social media for failing to leave a tip. He explained that the service was so horrible that the servers didn’t deserve it. As a result of his statements, the restaurant workers involved in the controversy have reportedly lost their jobs.

Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams didn’t take it well when workers at  Ledo Restaurant in Maryland called him stingy. According to TMZ, his bartender posted about the experience on Facebook. “Just now at work I had Deangelo Williams come in and I waited on while tending bar. His check was $128.25. He left me $129 with no tip but .75 cents. So there you go Stealers fans, your running back is cheap as s**t!!! Smh,” read the post.

The NFL star responded on Twitter by saying that he didn’t even want to leave 75 cents because the service was so bad.  He said that he waited over an hour for his food. Not only that, the extra chicken and shrimp that he ordered for his pasta ended up in his salad. He also pointed out that as a former waiter and bag boy himself, he knew what he was talking about. The restaurant workers have a different version of the story, but it hardly matters.

According to their employers, tipping is not mandatory and they were in no position to complain about their customer publicly. It is unclear how many of the restaurant staff were involved. However, those who were have been relieved of their duties. Ledo’s management has also sent their apologies to DeAngelo Williams. They have extended an invitation for him to return for a free meal.