NFL is back on YouTube with its game previews, in-game highlights and even analysis on the upcoming games.

NFL first partnered with YouTube in 2015 and has since garnered over 900 million views. Reaching out to their fans from any point on the globe, NFL with YouTube’s help has inspired even budding athletes.

One such success story is that of German wide receiver Moritz Boehringer watching Adrian Peterson playing in a YouTube clip. Boehringer has since then been recruited by the Minnesota Vikings, Peterson’s team, to play.

Reaching fans across the globe and giving them access not only to the recent seasons and games but also to unforgettable football matches that have been played for each of the 32 clubs in the league is definitely something to look forward to. Through NFL’s channel in YouTube, the league is inviting fans to revisit and trace back to their favorite moments in NFL history. There will also be analysis of the games and even tips to fantasy football on their YouTube channel.

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“This expansion of our partnership will make it easier than ever for the millions of highly engaged avid and casual fans on YouTube and Google to discover and access an even greater variety of some of the most valuable content in the sports and entertainment business,” said Hans Schroeder, Senior Vice President, Media Strategy, Business Development, & Sales for the National Football League.

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A simple Google search will already show one the match complete with the necessary details and information at the top of the search results page, making it easier for anyone to be completely updated with his favorite NFL team.

The National Football League has since embraced social media deals starting with Google-owned YouTube, the largest video platform. NFL has also launched itself on the Twitter platform with the Twitter Thursday Night Football, NBC reports.