There is some good news in store for the Dallas Cowboys’ fans. Tony Romo might be back in January for the play-offs this season. But Brandon Weeden could be out as he earlier replaced injured Tony Romo as the starting quarter-back for the Cowboys.

According to NBC Sports, Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones offered some criticism for his own coaching staff. He also accepted his own criticism too.

Jones thought that his coaching staff should have done a better job coaching up the team, especially after Romo’s injury. He even acknowledged his own role of deciding to go with Weeden as their starting quarter-back this season.

“On the other hand, if you want to look at any aspect of this team you can say well, if we would have been in better shape had you had Matt Cassel in the spring, rather than Weeden, and I’m not trying to knock Weeden, but if we would have had a guy like Cassel in here than we might have made a difference there, so put that one ultimately on my shoulders for sure,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan.

He was still unclear whether Cassel would have done a better job than Weeden. But he believed that he shouldn’t have counted on Weeden.

Romo’s shoulder injury proved to be a disaster as the Cowboys were left hunting for a better QB this season. His exit from the tournament looked permanent but continued to support and boost his team’s moral throughout. There was no official word on his comeback yet. But Tony Romo remained optimistic about his return in January.

CBS Sports wrote, “While there would obviously be a risk of another fracture given the limited timetable between his latest injury and any post-season return, the long off-season presents substantial time for his shoulder to be fully healed and put him at no additional risk of future injury by the time the regular season begins.”

Everything will depend on the Cowboy’s if they are able to keep their play-offs hopes alive this season. Jones remains committed about Romo’s place in the team.