The Arguments for Deflategate appeal on Tom Brady penalty is set for March. According to USA Today, The NFL’s appeal of a district court decision vacating the suspension of the quarterback will be heard on March 3. Oral Arguments have been scheduled for that fixed date in March by the 2nd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals on Monday.

The ruling comes as huge relief for Tom Brady as well as the New England Patriots, assuring that Brady will not be suspended in the 2015 season, which concludes Feb. 7 with Super Bowl 50.

Back in September both, the league and the NFL Players Association asked that oral arguments be made in January next year.

The 2014 AFC Championship Game football tampering scandal, commonly referred to as Deflategate, or Ballghazi, erupted in the National Football League (NFL) involving allegation of tampering with footballs by the New England Patriots, related to the accusation that the team tampered with footballs used in the American Football Conference (AFC) Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts on Jan. 18, 2015.

The league announced on May 11, 2015, that it would suspend Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for four games of the upcoming 2015 regular season for his alleged role in the scandal. After NFL commissioner Roger Goodell upheld the suspension in an internal appeal, the matter was moved to federal court.

On Sep. 3, 2015, Judge Richard M. Berman vacated Goodell’s four-game suspension of Brady, holding that “…the requisites of fairness and due process” were missing from the process leading to the imposition of the penalty.

The ruling definitely favors the Patriots in their campaign this season. It would be interesting to see how things unfold for Tom Brady next year.

The New England Patriots had a good start to their 2015 NFL campaign taking their victory to 10-0 and remain undefeated till now, as per CTV news reports. They won the Monday nights game 20-13 against the Buffalo Bills.