Forget phones, Google is in line to team up with Ford automobiles to bring out Nexus Cars.

According to Tech Radar, the announcement will be made at CES next month and if reports are to be believed, the venture will be rivaling Uber as a platform for ride sharing services.

Google has partnered with LG and recently Huawei, to dish out their successful range of Nexus phones. Their collaboration with Ford will diversify its ever growing stature in technological advancement. By doing this, Google will save millions of dollars which would otherwise be spent on creating a manufacturing unit of its own to take its self-driven car initiative forward.

Yahoo Autos reports on the plan which gets Ford  its much needed boost in the self-driven software department, an area where the car company has been experimenting for years. Google already has 53 test vehicles on the road in California and Texas, with 1.3 million miles logged in self-driven driving.

This is a win win for both companies as Google will use Ford’s supremacy in automobile engineering, while Ford will en-cash on Google’s superior technological power. Earlier this year, Google co-founder Sergey Brin said the company was looking for partners that would use the company’s self-driving system, which would roughly eliminate 33,000 annual deaths on U.S. roads.

Just like other deals by Google, this is supposed to be a non-exclusive deal which means that both Ford and Google can partner with other companies to take this initiative forward.

While Google declined to comment on the development, Ford spokesman Alan Hall said the automaker works with many companies on its Ford Smart Mobility plan, adding: “We keep these discussions private for obvious competitive reasons, and we do not comment on speculation.”

Ford is worried about the liability issues like ‘Who is responsible if there is a crash?’, but Alphabet, Google’s parent company seems to working out a way of working it’s way through these issues.

Brace yourselves, Google Cars are coming!