Google’s Nexus project has been the product of choice for Android purists all thanks to the lineup having the stock version of the company’s mobile operating system, as well as being the frontliner when it comes to updates.

Now that the search engine giant is preparing what’s next for the project, rumours, leaks, and speculations have started surfacing as to which company is set to make the inevitable premium Nexus follow up. However, new reports suggest that Google will keep the Nexus 6P name, but it will arrive with a refresh on specs and features.

A new report from GSMArena indicates that the Google Nexus 6P will have a new chipset as well as an upgrade in RAM based on a benchmark listing that’s up on Geekbench.

The device in question features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset, which would put it in direct competition with other flagship handsets from the likes of HTC, Samsung, and LG. It also features 4GB of RAM, which is also an upgrade from 3GB of RAM from the current Nexus 6P.

Furthermore, the device is also running Android version N. Google usually unveils its Nexus devices after it releases a major update to the mobile operating system, and it would make much sense given that the search engine giant has also released two developer previews for it.

Google could keep the Nexus 6P name for its upcoming device next year. However, it would naturally arrive with an overall hardware refresh as seen with the Geekbench benchmark listing, and another company such as HTC will make the device if Huawei isn’t the one designing it. Of course, there’s also a possibility that it could be the very same device that came from the Chinese handset manufacturer’s partnership with the search engine giant, and they’re only changing the chipset as well as the RAM.