The month of September will witness major announcements from tech-giants in the silicon valley — Apple may announce the new iPhone 7 on September 9, and now the news suggest Google will be launching the Nexus 5 2015 and Nexus 6 on September 29 in San Francisco.

Reports on CNET reveal that September 29 could indeed be the D-day for Android fans around the world. This time around Google has partnered with LG and Huawei for the new Nexus lineup. LG is manufacturing the smaller version, while Huawei is taking care of the larger variant of the Nexus device.

Yesterday’s image leak must have given fans an idea on the look of the Huawei Nexus smartphone. As for the smaller Nexus 5 2015 phone, LG had confirmed that it will be manufacturing the device. The smaller variant is expected possess a 5.2 inch display, while the larger Nexus may sport a 5.7-inch screen.

LG has previously worked with Google for the production of the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. This will be the third time around that the two companies are coming together. As for the Chinese manufacturer, it will be the first time to be manufacturing a Google Nexus phone.

As noted by Business Insider, Google could also be introducing the world to Android 6.0 M or as it also referred, as Android Marshmallow. Google had shared that app permissions, app links, web experience, mobile payments, fingerprint support and power and charging will be the focus points for the latest OS. And with the developer preview available, many have glimpsed into what Android M would have to offer.

It is noteworthy that these two devices will be the first to be launched with Android M, the latest version of the OS from Google. And given that Google Nexus phones are considered the alphas of the Android-running devices, all eyes will be on the launch.