Technology and gadget fans may be treated to the most powerful device this year if rumors about the Nexus 2016 HTC phones are to be believed.

In a report by BGR, rumors about the Nexus 2016 phones were detailed. It shared that the reported phones HTC are making were code-named Marlin and Sailfish. In turn, the website relayed that both these planned devices will be based on the recently-released HTC 10.

However, BGR says that there will be a major difference between the HTC 10 and the planned Nexus 2016 phones. The website points out that difference in the processor that the new devices will be running on. While most new devices in the market today sport the Snapdragon 820, Marlin and Sailfish are reported to run on Snapdragon 821.

Running on this different processor will certainly peg the two devices as more powerful than the rest of the smartphones out today. Still, this information should be taken with a pinch of salt since no official announcement has been made from either Google or HTC.

On a related news, a report from The Christian Times offers the speculation that the upcoming Google Nexus 2016 devices will run with a built-in Android Nutella. Apart from the rumored Nutella OS, the Nexus 2016 device being a tablet was also brought up.

If reports about the Google Nexus are studied, it can be gathered that the device is assumed to be a smartphone. The tablet angle, however, offers another possibility. Creating a tablet would also be logical since according to Christian Times, the last tablet produced by Google was still back in 2013.

Another potential outcome to this is that one of the two–Marlin and Sailfish–is actually a tablet while the other is a smartphone.

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