Word has it that Google may again be handing over the reins to Huawei for manufacturing the top-range Nexus 2016. This news wouldn’t come as a surprise to many, given how well the Chinese manufacturer fared with its Nexus 6P, which has become quite popular.

As noted by Tech Radar, the prediction that Google would stick with Nexus comes from industry analyst Pan Jiutang, head of research at the Shenzhen Huaqiang Electronics Research Institute in China. A report on GSM Arena, again citing industry analyst Pan Jiutang, reveals that the Huawei Nexus 2016 may come powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820.

Most Android fans have probably been expecting this to be the case. By the time the next Nexus gears up for launch, loyalists would be expecting nothing less than a Snapdragon 820 on the device. Given Huawei Nexus 6P‘s popularity, there seems no reason for the Mountain View company to switch OEMs. Probably like its tie-up with LG, Google will continue its successful relationship with Huawei to deliver the flagship.

It was the first time around that Google zeroed in on Huawei as one of the OEM, to be bringing out the top-of-the-line handset – the Nexus 6P. Early image leaks, before the announcement of the Nexus 6P, showed off the bump on the back of the device where the camera is embedded. This had many Google Nexus fans doubting how well would the handset from Huawei be received. It turned out that the leak didn’t do justice to the Nexus 6P, which soon became a must-have for many fans.

So much so that, with the device having made its way to stores only months ago, speculations about its next Nexus handset have begun to do the rounds. Google Nexus loyalists can keep coming back to check on the latest speculations, rumors and updates.