The race for the next James Bond just got real with the revelation of an official list with the name of six actors on it. Did your choice make it?

Although the suggestion of Showtime CEO David Nivens might imply his possible return as 007, Daniel Craig has yet to confirm this. Nevertheless, the roster of actors, and even actresses, elected to take his place grew. However, a list apparently exists. It names several actors each of whom many consider a worthy successor as the next James Bond. Thus, would its existence confirm Daniel Craig’s departure from the franchise?

Perhaps not, as it could be a contingency plan just in case. Hence, it would seem MGM is not about to take chances with the James Bond franchise. Admittedly, the task to find a suitable replacement would be difficult. Yet it would seem the studio is certain it is possible, given the talent on their list.

Who is the likely actor to be the next James Bond?

Notably, Theo James is not part of the list. Tom Hiddleston remains a contender yet he is reportedly not the top pick to play 007. It looks as if studio bosses like Idris Elba to play the part. Despite his earlier resistance to the role, his talent and youthful looks seem to appeal to them, according to a source from MGM.

Michael Fassbender and Aidan Turner also made the list, along with Luke Evans and Charlie Hunnan. Fassbender was among the earlier bets for the role. Aidan Turner was also an early favorite. However, Evans and Hunnan are newcomers.Yet two more actors are in the running for the most sought-after role. However, their names are not on the alleged studio list. According to a source, Bond producer Barbara Broccoli plans to meet with James Norton and Jamie Bell.

“While the MGM executives have an idea, Barbara makes the ultimate decision on the role. Once Barbara decides who she wants to direct, then the audition process will be vital,” a source told The Sun. Earlier rumors suggested his role in The Night Manager impressed Broccoli. Thus, could Tom Hiddleston still have a chance?