British actor Tom Hiddleston is once again at the center of attention for his riveting performance in AMC’s The Night Manager. Hiddleston, who plays a suave MI6 agent in the series, recently shared his thoughts on sex appeal, nudity, and the prospect of playing James Bond.

Despite reaching new heights of fame as the sinister Loki in Thor and The Avengers movies, Hiddleston is still the same warm and genuine person when he first started. He is arguably one of the hottest male stars in Hollywood today, but he admits that he’s still not comfortable with being labeled a heartthrob or a sex symbol.

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“Honestly, I’m just happy that people have enjoyed The Night Manager,” Hiddleston told The Hollywood Reporter, shrugging off the heartthrob/sex symbol label that has garnered him the “Hiddlesbum” hashtag.

In The Night Manager, Hiddleston plays Jonathan Pine, an undercover spy who infiltrates Richard Romper’s (Hugh Laurie) arms trade dominion. However, his mission gets sidetracked when he gets attracted to a woman. Fans will get to enjoy a lot of nude scenes in the series, but Hiddleston is of the belief that onscreen nudity is only appropriate when it serves the story.

Everything about Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal as Jonathan Pine has all the ingredients to make him a proper James Bond. Many are viewing the 35-year-old candidate a suitable successor to David Craig. Hiddleston was quick to differentiate Bond from Pine, saying that while Bond is a veteran in the spy industry, Pine is still in the early stages of his relationship with the Secret Service.

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“Everyone has an opinion about [James Bond] basically. My belief is that Daniel Craig will do many, many more. As far as I’m concerned, he is James Bond.” Hiddleston said.

Tom Hiddleston is reportedly one of the actors being considered for the iconic 007 role. Fellow British actor Idris Elba is also in the running as well. Both actors were present at the recent held 2016 Met Gala. According to GQ, Elba and Hiddleston were dressed every bit like the proper James Bond.

The Night Manager airs Tuesdays on AMC.