Who is the next actor to play the role of James Bond? As news of Daniel Craig leaving the long running franchise came out last year, predictions for his replacement started to come out. At the time, many speculated Damian Lewis as the likely successor.

To date, Independent revealed the names of other actors considered for the role. The list includes Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, and Henry Cavil. Elba as Bond has already sparked heated debates early on.

The website alluded to bookmaker Paddypower for odds on who succeeds Craig. Odds remain in Hardy’s favour at 6/5. Lewis followed at 7/4.

The website also made special mention of James Norton as another candidate for 007. Though Norton’s chances are 18/1, Metro noted the penchant of the Bond franchise to shun from well-known stars.

Hence, Metro ruled out Hardy along with Cavill. It also discarded Michael Fassbender and Tom Hiddleston as possible replacements.

Meanwhile, Daniel Craig recently signed up for “Purity,” an upcoming US drama series, Mirror reported.

Consequently, an industry insider revealed, “Daniel’s commitment to this project [Purity] really makes his return as James Bond a serious doubt.”

The insider added, “Once the TV show gets greenlit then it will need a few weeks for casting and then pre-prod before filming begins. It is likely that the show may be still filming at Christmas. MGM had hoped to get the next Bond film on screen in 2017 with Daniel at the helm.”

The insider went on to say, “That may be problematic, and also adds to their concerns after Daniel admitted last year he was unsure if he would continue in the role. Daniel has left the year free so far to make Purity work, so out of the two productions it is clear that is where his head is at.”

However, the British actor is still under contract to do one more film as James Bond after “Spectre.” Craig signed for a two-picture deal after the 2012 hit “Skyfall,” Mirror added.