Step aside Tom Hiddleston. Another name has surfaced as a possible replacement for Daniel Craig in the James Bond role, and it is James Norton.

Craig had earlier said “Spectre” would be his last Bond movie. Ever since he formally declared that he was ready to retire as agent 007, the speculations had started on who might replace him.  Although the unfathomable wait isn’t over yet, Hiddleson has just been overtaken by Norton, considering the “Happy Valley” actor was previously placed with the odds of 25/1.

Norton surprisingly appeared to be the new favorite to play the British spy role after a remarkable leap to 1/3.

Mail Online cited Irish bookmaker Paddy Power stating that new bets prompted Norton’s odds to drop.

A spokesperson for Paddy Power said they barely had any bets for Norton to be the next Bond. He compared the recent turn of events to roulette spin in Casino Royale.

James Norton recently stole the hearts of viewers when he played the role of Prince Andrei Nikolayevich Bolkonsky in the BBC’s “War and Peace.” The British actor, who recently admitted that he struggled with the heartthrob status, also portrays Sidney Chambers in ITV detective drama “Grantchester.”

Meanwhile, it is still not the end of the game for Hiddleston. He is still at second place. However, with his recent public appearances with Taylor Swift may have completely put him out of the race for the coveted role.

The Telegraph cited a report from the Sun wherein the publication stated Hiddleston had been in talks with James Bond producers as a possible candidate to play 007. However, the inevitable media posts of “The Night Manager” star and Swift may have removed the “air of mystery” necessary to play the secret agent role.

Hiddleston has been recently photographed wearing an “I Heart T.S.” tank top while celebrating 4th of July on the beach with Swift.

Other known contenders for the Bond role are Idris Elba, Damian Lewis, Tom Hardy and Henry Cavill. The names of Theo James and One Direction member Niall Horan were also in the list of possible replacement of Craig.