Despite continued speculation over the fate of 007, the next James Bond could still be Daniel Craig.

The list of actors touted to play the iconic role after Daniel Craig is impressive. Of late, the buzz is loudest for Aidan Turner as the likely successor, although the Irish actor remains tight-lipped about the rumors for fear of jinxing his chances. Prior to Turner, Tom Hiddleston’s name was at the top of the list. However, his personal life could get in the way. Actresses like Gillian Anderson and Emilia Clarke also came forward to add their names to the cast list.

Then again, the various speculations about the next James Bond could be in vain. As it turns out, Daniel Craig might still play the character in spite of his highly publicized commitment to Purity. The actor signed up for the TV role with Showtime earlier this year. This came after a previous revelation of his doubts to appear in another 007 movie. The last installment of the franchise came out in 2015 with Spectre. It was his fourth appearance in one of the most sought-after roles. Based on his contract, Craig has one more film as Bond.

Could Daniel Craig still be the next James Bond?

As it turns out, the actor could possibly fulfill his contract based on the latest revelation by Showtime CEO David Nivens. According to Nivens, Craig’s commitment to Purity does not mean he would be unable to carry on as James Bond. Apparently, the timing of production for another 007 movie would be a factor.

“It depends when they do the next James Bond movie, but I don’t think it precludes him is the answer. [Purity] will largely be completed during the course of 2017, depending how long they’re willing to wait and shoot the next Bond. There might be some breaks somewhere, but [production] will be fairly continuous,” Nevins revealed. According to Deadline, production for Purity starts in 2017. The 20-episode drama series airs on Showtime for two years. Thus, franchise producers might consider waiting for him as they did with director Sam Mendes for Spectre.