Possible next James Bond actor Idris Elba wants to do comedy and light romance movies to make people smile.

Elba’s revelation of his dream role is quite far from the character everyone wants him play – James Bond. The British MI6 agent has been known for his smooth, suave and sophisticated demeanor, and of course, his love for women, booze, cigar, gadgets and cars.

Elba is among the list of actors being eyed to replace Daniel Craig as the famous British spy as soon as the actor relinquished the role.  However, this is not the role Elba wants to play right now.  “I never play anyone that makes anyone laugh. It is always quite grumpy characters, so I wouldn’t mind having a bit of a laugh and maybe a bit of romance to spread it about a bit,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

How to do you find comedy in the next James Bond movie?

Actually, it has been somehow done before. Actor Sean Connery delivered some funny lines in his previous James Bond movies. Could it be done in Elba’s time? Definitely yes. However, it is Elba who doesn’t seem to be interested to be the next James BondWhen asked about his chances of landing the Bond role, he just replied, “No comment.”

In The Telegraph interview with Elba in December 2015, the actor said he got tired of talking about him playing the iconic role, especially since it started off racial debates at the time. New James Bond novel author Anthony Horowitz previously made a remark suggesting that Elba is “too street” to play the character. The Luther actor then dismissed the remark with an Instagram post.

Many believe that Elba can portray the iconic role perfectly. He has starred in award-winning TV series such as The Wire and Luther.  Elba received several nominations and awards for his role as DCI John Luther in the BBC series. He also made highly acclaimed movies such American Gangster and Beasts of No Nation.

Elba’s co-star in Thor 3 Tom Hiddleston has also been rumored to replace Craig as the next James Bond. Both English actors are filming Thor: Ragnarok in Australia. Elba will reprise his role as Heimdall in the movie.

Elba is currently in Sydney to promote clothing retailer Superdry. He is also scheduled to play a set at Sydney’s Good Bar on Thursday night.  Elba is known to be an excellent DJ.

Thor 3 movie is set to hit theaters on November 3, 2017.

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