While the search for the next James Bond continues, it was revealed that Daniel Craig almost ruined the entire production of “Skyfall” because of a pair of gloves.

The 007 actor apparently had some shopping trips on his days off and one day he bought to the set a pair of leather gloves. Craig reportedly wanted to wear the gloves in one fight scene and asked director Sam Mendes’ permission. Craig thought the gloves he bought would look good for the British spy. However, it turned out otherwise.

The scene was when Bond fell into a pit where he wrestled with a villain guy and then the goon manages to get the MI6 spy’s gun and fired on him.

The mistake was allegedly pointed out by an editorial assistant guy, who said the villain can’t fire 007’s gun because it has a fingerprint scanner. However, if that is the case, then how could Bond fire his gun while wearing gloves?

According to freelance writer Charlie Lyne, the room was silent for a while before the production people started calculating how much it will cost to reshoot the entire scene. They then determined that it would cost millions of dollars to reshoot the scene.

“The only solution becomes to digitally paint in Bond’s hands,” said Lyne. He shared a series of Twitter videos where the “Skyfall” production mishap occured. He added if you watch the scene again, you will notice Bond’s bloated hands. This is because the gloves were only digitally painted with the actor’s skin tone.

Meanwhile, Craig has already declared that he will not play 007 again and “Spectre” would be his last Bond movie.  The 47-year-old actor also admitted that if he did return as Bond it would be just for the money.

The Bristish actor has been portraying the role since 2006 and had done four Bond movies so far.

Currently, Theo James and Tom Hiddleston are the top choices to replace Daniel Craig. Other names being teased for the role are One Direction Niall Horan, Tom Hardy and Idris Elba. The names of Damian Lewis and Henry Cavill also came up as possible replacement for Craig’s iconic role.