A young new Zealand boy who was groomed and sexually abused by his primary school teacher says he feels like his childhood has been stolen as she was sentenced to more than 10 years behind bars, reported AAP.

Stacey Reriti, 31, was found guilty last month of seven sexual assaults for her relationship with the schoolboy over a three-year span while he was a student at her school.

The boy was 10 years old when the offending first began.

In a submission read on the behalf of the boy to the Wellington High Court on Friday, he said he felt betrayed by Reriti, who had manipulated and groomed him while he was emotionally vulnerable.

‘Understandably he is angry at you Ms. Reriti, he feels his childhood has been taken from him,’ Justice Mark Woolford said.

‘He struggles to see how anything positive could come out of what’s happened.’

Reriti, the former deputy teacher of Natone Park School in Waitangirua, Wellington, first hosted the boy along with several other students at her house before a school competition the next day.

At the time, the boy’s father was ill and their relationship evolved when she regularly picked him up from his house, drove him to a secluded spot and instructed him to kiss her.

She gave him a mobile phone and their relationship became sexual with regular incidents of oral sex before progressing to full sexual intercourse in a motel room when he was 12.

Reriti would send explicit images to the schoolboy in text messages while encouraging him to do the same and would berate him for being a ‘bad boyfriend’ if he did not reply quickly enough.

His father died over the course of the offending.

‘Far from being a compassionate supporter, she, in fact, manipulated that situation for her own emotional and sexual ends,’ crown prosecutor Dale La Hood said.

‘The breach of trust, in this case, is extreme.’

Justice Woolford said Reriti shows no remorse or understanding of her crimes.

‘In fact, after you were charged with the crime and the trial began, you sent another underage former student pictures of your breasts when he texted you asking for them,’ he said.

Reriti will be eligible for parole when a third of his sentenced has been served.