New Zealand poet Selina Tusitala Marsh will be performing before The Queen in a couple of weeks in Westminster Abbey, representing 53 countries. The Pacifica poet, along with the Auckland Univesity academic, has been tasked to write a poem to perform on March 14 at the Commonwealth Day Observance.

Aside from the Queen, the event will also be attended by the Commonwealth Secretary General Kamalesh Sharma, including the High Commissioners and some other dignitaries throughout the Commonwealth.

New Zealand poet Marsh feels honored to have been chosen to perform before the longest-reigning monarch of Britain. She recalled how she was initially approached in November last year about writing and performing a poem at the same time, yet she did not realize immediately that she was being asked specifically. When she finally understood, she had mixed feelings – she was embarrassed, yet excited and nervous as well.

The poem had to be written on the theme of unity. The time frame will be limited for only two to three minutes and should be appealing to the dignitaries, heads of state, the royal family and to more than 1,000 school children. Also, she is prohibited from turning political.

While she still  has no idea why she was the one picked out of the other 53 countries, Marsh believes that this was because of her good reputation and a name that has been known internationally.

New Zealand poet Marsh is planning to perform for the Tongan monarchy after meeting the Queen and wishes as well to write and perform her poem before the other monarchs across the world. But while she is in London, Marsh said that she is going to attend an event at the New Zealand House and will be talking to the students and staff of the Faculty of English at the University of Cambridge, Stuff reported.