A new bae is in town and he’s certifiably hot. Meet Max Key, son of New Zealand Prime Minister John Key.

Max Key is 21 years old, a university student, an up-and-coming DJ, and most of all, single, Daily Mail wrote. Unfortunately, his status and reputation on social media have led many to label him as a “rich snob,” as the publication cited his recent interview with Remix magazine.

“I can’t say our family doesn’t have wealth because that would be wrong to say. But both my parents were raised in a state house,” Key told the magazine. “I’m not saying I know how hard life can be compared to other people, but I’m more grounded than people think,” he added. To attest to his “normal upbringing,” he confessed to working at McDonald’s to earn pocket money.

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The young Key sought to dismiss the myths about him in his first print interview, the NZ Herald wrote. The fourth year property and commerce student also has a debut single titled “Forget You.” The Prime Minister even posted about his debut single on social media. It was his father’s first personal post, the publication referred to his interview with Remix.

“That was the moment I kind of realized that I’d done something pretty cool,” he revealed.

Yet the most revealing part of the interview were from his photo shoot that showed “Mini Key,” which he’s often called, has no qualms about posing in his underwear. However, a particular shot stirred controversy over and above his amazing physique. His photo where he holds an unlit cigarette sparked a “social media outrage,” NZ Herald reported in a separate post. The Instagram post comes on the heels of his father’s recent announcement of new anti-smoking plans, the publication noted.

In response to his son’s hotly debated picture, PM John Key thought it was “pretty cool,” TV NZ revealed.

“I think it’s pretty cool. He’s a young guy, he’s a man now, he’s capable of doing his own things … [the] photos look good. He’s actually vehemently opposed to smoking, and to the best of my knowledge he’s never smoked, he’s certainly someone that actually speaks to me all the time about being opposed to smoking. But people wear all sorts of things and do all sorts of things when they’re doing male modelling shoots,” the publication quoted the prime minister’s reply.