A large flock of sheep helped police catch fugitives in Queenstown, New Zealand, on Friday. The fugitives were on a run in a speeding car after police spotted them without a number plate at around 8:00 am in Alexandra.

The car managed to outpace the police despite one of its wheels being punctured by road spikes. However, it had to come to a halt after a large flock of sheep blocked the road ahead of them, leaving no scope of getting past. None of the sheep was harmed in the incident.

The four fugitives were arrested by the police after a long chase through Central Otago and Queenstown.

The arrested individuals included three males and a female, aged between 14 and 23 years. They have been charged for driving recklessly, failing to stop at flashing lights and three theft offences including a petrol drive off and taking a motor vehicle unlawfully.

Senior Sergeant Paula Enoka said that she is pleased the reckless driving did not cause any other incident.

“The driving behaviour of those involved was reckless and considerably dangerous providing there were four people in the vehicle,” the NZ Herald quoted Enoka as saying. “Not only did they place themselves in danger by continuing to flee police, but they put a large number of other motorists in danger on the roads due to the distance that they travelled.”

The Guardian reported that the flock had 150 sheep, which were herded by a local farm worker when the speeding car came its way.