A man from New York has been sentenced to 22 ½ years in jail for recruiting people for the Islamic State. It is the hardest sentence given to a person convicted of providing material support to ISIS.

In December, Mufid Elfgeeh, a pizzeria owner admitted that he tried to recruit fighters for the Islamic State group.   The New York man pleaded guilty to attempting to provide material support to the terror group.  Mufid was sentenced in a federal court in Rochester on Thursday, reported Fox News.

According to the authorities, he tried to recruit three people to join IS and fight in Syria. The court records revealed that Mufid had renounced the terror group since his arrest in 2014. He told the court that the news report about the violent acts of ISIS convinced him that he was supporting the wrong group.

Mufid said, “Like many, I was interested in the Arab Spring in Tunisia, and how it spread through Africa and the Middle East. I wanted to help my Muslim brothers fighting the horrors of the Assad regime. I was an early supporter of ISIS, as they were the first to address the crisis in Syria.”

He added, “I watched ISIS carry out acts of violence, such as beheadings and burning people alive. They say they do this for religion, I believe they are wrong.”

Federal authorities said that Mufid’s arrest and conviction were very significant breakthrough in the country’s fight against the Islamic State, as stated in the news filed by the Democrat & Chronicle. It was not just because the violence Mufid was about to commit locally was halted before it became disastrous but also because he renounced ISIS before his conviction.

William Hochul Jr., the U.S. attorney for western New York said that Mufid’s statement that he was no longer with the terror group was significant. His statement would send a message that the group is not what it claims.

He stated, “Thanks to today’s sentence, one of the first ISIL recruiters ever captured has been brought to justice and will now serve a very long jail sentence. But while this case strikes a significant blow against ISIL killers and wannabes, our ongoing efforts to eradicate terrorist groups will continue until all are brought to justice.”

Recently, an ISIS recruiter was also arrested in Nigeria.